(Updated May 13, 2020)

BCDC Stakeholders:

BCDC continues to adapt to the challenges it faces from COVID-19 based upon guidance provided by the State of California and the San Francisco Public Health Department. BCDC expects to continue to hold virtual online public meetings and work remotely for the foreseeable future – very likely through the summer and into the fall – until the state and local public health officials agree that it is appropriate for Commissioners and staff to be physically present at BCDC’s office at the Bay Area Metro Center in San Francisco.

Operational changes at BCDC continue in at least three respects:

  1. Commission meetings: BCDC is adhering to its meeting schedules for the Commission, Enforcement Committee, Design Review Board, and Commission working groups.  Until further notice, those meetings are now being held virtually based upon Governor Newsom’s Executive Order that alters the State’s Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act requirements.  BCDC will continue to post meeting agendas in a timely fashion and ensure that our public meetings are accessible to the public and that the public has the opportunity to observe and participate in the meetings. See information on public participation.
  2. Staff working policies: CNRA guidance and the San Francisco Department of Public Health explicitly recommend enhanced telework schedules and physical distancing. Therefore, except for essential tasks, the BCDC staff are working remotely until State and local authorities deem it safe for BCDC’s San Francisco office to reopen.  Obviously, this will limit the ability of BCDC staff members to meet in person with the public, permittees, applicants, planners, and vendors. However, the staff has demonstrated considerable resilience, has quickly adapted to our ability to hold virtual meetings, and continues to be available every day to conduct business with all of our stakeholders. Staff members are available through email, phone, and video conferencing. 
  3. Resilience: Adapting successfully to the challenges that BCDC and its stakeholders face due to COVID-19 will require more changes than the two listed above.  Even in the face of this public health crisis, BCDC will look for opportunities to improve its operations and expand its outreach and transparency.  Commissioners and staff welcome suggestions that can ensure continued, if not expanded, operations and public involvement.  

In addition to the staff listed below, feel free to contact BCDC Executive Director Larry Goldzband (larry.goldzband@bcdc.ca.gov; 415-352-3653) with any questions or concerns during this period.

Questions related to specific BCDC programs should be directed to the following staff: 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)