Engineering Criteria Review Board

The Engineering Criteria Review Board ECRB is an advisory board that assists the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission BCDC in evaluating the engineering aspects of projects that require BCDC's permits. Currently, the ECRB is made up of ten eminent professionals, including structural, coastal, and geotechnical engineers, a geologist, a geophysicist and an architect. The ECRB members are professionals in private practice, government service, and academia.

The ECRB members volunteer their time and expertise to advise the Commission regarding seismic and other engineering issues and to assist applicants in designing projects with appropriate engineering criteria. BCDC's staff engineer serves as secretary to the ECRB.

Board Members

Roger D. Borcherdt, Ph.D., Chairman

Robert Bob Battalio, P.E.
Coastal Engineer

James B. French, P.E., G.E.
Geotechnical Engineer

William T. Holmes, S.E.
Structural Engineer

Rod Iwashita, P.E.
Marine Structures Engineer

Prof. Jack P. Moehle
Structural Engineering

Frank L. Rollo, P.E., G.E.
Consulting Geotechnical Engineer

All communication to the Board should be sent to the Commission offices. Staff will forward any communication received directly to the Board.