Bay Fill Policies Working Group

The Commission created the Bay Fill Policies Working Group, a subcommittee of the full Commission, to examine potential policy issues specifically in regards to Bay fill that may be necessary for the region to adapt to rising Bay waters. The Bay Fill Policies Working Group’s charge is to make recommendations to the full Commission regarding whether BCDC’s Bay fill laws and policies need to be amended due to the need to adapt to rising sea level, and to make the Bay more resilient and productive environmentally and economically while ensuring Bay protection and maximum feasible public access to the Bay. The Working Group developed a plan for addressing the multiple issues and policies that relate to Bay fill. The plan included a general discussion of the McAteer-Petris Act, the San Francisco Bay Plan and its policies, and focused meetings, separated into two overarching topics – habitat and resource based policies, and those addressing the built environment. The Working Group has completed its initial review of the Commission’s laws and policies and is currently hosting workshops with the Commission and members of the public.


Barry Nelson, Chair
Jason Brush
Katerina Galacatos
Jim McGrath
Sean Randolph