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Climate Change

Climate Change Planning Program

The Bay Area is already working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but mitigation alone will not do enough to address sea level rise and other climate change impacts. The region must consider adaptation actions that will reduce the vulnerability of the built and natural environment to the effects of climate change.

The Bay is rising and this is projected to continue. In fact, today's flood is expected to be the future's high tide. Areas that currently flood every ten to twenty years during extreme weather and tides will begin to flood regularly. These areas are home to over 160,000 residents, critical infrastructure, diverse habitats, and valuable community resources.
BCDC’s Climate Change Program has the following goals:

  • RESEARCH: Promote research to improve our understanding of climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation.
  • POLICY: Develop and implement climate change adaptation policies in coordination with regional partners and stakeholders.
  • CAPACITY: Build the region’s institutional capacity to effectively adapt to climate change in a coordinated and collaborative way.

New Sea Level Rise Policies Fact Sheet
Climate Change Program Summary ( November 24, 2010 )
Briefing to the Commission on the Local Government Adaptation Assistance Program [ adobe acrodot 1.2MB ]( March 3, 2011 )
Status Report on BCDC Climate Science [ adobe acrodot 172KB ] ( January 28, 2011 )


Currently, BCDC is advancing the above goals with the following projects


  • News and Video
    Find the latest news coverage and recent publications on sea level rise adaptation in California and the Bay Area.


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