Types of Permits

Because the Commission administers two state laws, it issues two legally different permits

San Francisco Bay permits
Suisun Marsh development permits

Applications for both permits are processed in the same way, but there are different types of each kind of permit. The size, location and impacts of a project determine which type of permit is appropriate.. In turn, the type of permit determines the information that must be provided to complete a permit application.

A brief description of each type of permit follows.

Regionwide Permit

Routine maintenance work that qualifies for approval under an existing Commission regionwide permit can be authorized in a very short period of time by the Commission's executive director without Commission review or a public hearing.

Administrative Permit

An administrative permit can be issued for an activity that qualifies as a minor repair or improvement in a relatively short period of time and without a public hearing on the application. Although an administrative permit application can be processed quickly, the proposed project must be reviewed against the same policies that are used to determine whether a major permit can be approved.

Major Permit

A major permit is issued for work that is more extensive than a minor repair or improvement. A public hearing is mandatory for a major permit application and the application may be reviewed by kthe commission's design and engineering advisory board.

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