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Emergency Permit Information

In the event of an emergency (a situation that poses an immediate danger to life, health, property, or essential public services) the Executive Director, after consulting with the Commission’s Chair, may issue verbal authorization for work within BCDC’s jurisdiction that is necessary to handle the emergency.

If an emergency arises, please contact us immediately at 415.352.3600. If you are calling outside normal business hours, you can either leave a message or follow the directions  for how to contact the Executive Director. Please be prepared to provide information

  • on the nature of the emergency
  • the location of the proposed work (such as length of shoreline, amount and type of proposed fill, number of pilings, etc.)
  • the scale and scope of the proposed work
  • start and completion dates
  • property ownership information

The Executive Director may grant an emergency permit if:

  • he determines an emergency exists and requires action more quickly than can reasonably occur when following BCDC’s procedures for issuing permits
  • the work proposed is consistent with BCDC’s laws and policies

If authorization is granted for an emergency permit, a regular permit application must be submitted, including the appropriate application fee, within five working days after having received an emergency permit.