Design Review Board

The Design Review Board serves as an advisory board to the Commission and its staff. The Board was formed to advise the Commission on the adequacy of public access proposed as a part of projects in the Commission’s Bay and 100-foot Shoreline Band jurisdictions. Public access may include both physical improvements as well as visual access. The Board advises the Commission on a project’s effects on appearance, design and scenic views in accordance with the Commission’s San Francisco Bay Plan policies and the Public Access Design Guidelines. The Board’s recommendations are advisory only. The Board is comprised of seven members and includes at least one architect, one landscape architect and one engineer. The Board members volunteer their time and expertise.

Board Members

Karen Alschuler, Chair
Urban Planner

Gary Strang, Vice Chair
Architect and Landscape Architect

Cheryl Barton
Landscape Architect

Robert Battalio
Civil Engineer

Tom Leader
Landscape Architect

Jacinta McCann
Landscape Architect

Stefan Pellegrini

Board Alternates

Roger Leventhal
Civil Engineer

All communication to the Board should be sent to the Commission offices. Staff will forward any communication received directly to the Board.