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Report of Permit Applications and Federal Consistency Actions and Amendment Requests

This report lists the applications and federal consistency determinations, including amendment requests, which have been received by the Commission. This listing is provided to allow members of the public who have an interest in a particular area or project to have the earliest possible opportunity to become involved in the Commission’s review and analysis of the project. Inquiries should be directed to the staff member assigned to the project.

Permit Applications, Consistency Determinations, and Amendments Received for Processing

September 1, 2014 through September 15, 2014

Application Number Applicant Location Project Summary Staff Contact

Application for
Regionwide Permit No. NOI2014.015.00

Jole Warlaw

Within a certain waterway, Corte Madera Creek, at 134 Riviera Circle, in the City of Larkspur, Marin County.

Relocate an existing 308-square-foot dock and gangway.

Erik Buehmann

Application for
Administrative Permit
No. M2014.032.00

Honeywell International, Inc.

In the Bay and within the 100-foot shoreline band, at 501 Nichols Road, in the City of Bay Point, Contra Costa County.

Investigate soil and groundwater conditions by installing monitoring wells and extracting samples.

Tinya Hoang

Application for
Non-Material Amendment
Nos. M1987.046.03, 2011.006.02, and M1988.031.01
Port of Redwood City In the Bay and within the 100-foot shoreline band, at the Port of Redwood City, near 675 Seaport Boulevard, in the City of Redwood City, San Mateo County. Revise permit requirements regarding public access improvements, including at the marina bandstand. Jaime Michaels
Application for
Administrative Permit
No. M2014.033.00
City of Sunnyvale In the Bay and within the 100-foot shoreline band, at the Baylands Pump Station No. 2, in Sunnyvale Baylands Park, in the City of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County. Improve a pump station flood control basin and associated outfalls. Rosa Schneider
Application for
Non-Material Amendment
No. 2002.003.01
Department of Transportation/
Within the 100-foot shoreline band, at the Highway 101/Corte Madera Bridge, in the City of Larkspur, Marin County. Replace bridge railings. Michelle Burt Levenson