June 7, 2016 Joint Review by Design Review Board and Engineering Criteria Review Board


Time and Location

1:00 p.m.
Milton Marks Conference Center – San Diego Room
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco

Tentative Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Bay Area Resilient by Design Challenge
    The Design Review Board and Engineering Criteria Review Board will receive a joint public briefing on the Bay Area Resilient by Design Challenge. Project leaders for the Design Challenge will provide a presentation and then the two Boards will be asked for their advice and counsel regarding a number of elements related to the Design Challenge.
  3. Terminal One, City of Richmond, Contra Costa County (Pre-application Briefing)
    The Design Review Board and Engineering Criteria Review Board will receive a joint public briefing on a proposal to construct approximately 323 residential units and public access improvements at a 13-acre site, located south of Brickyard Cove Road, west of the Richmond Yacht Club, and east of Dornan Drive and the Miller-Knox Regional Shoreline Park, in the City of Richmond, Contra Costa County. As currently proposed, the public access improvements would include: a 5.5-acre waterfront park atop the existing pile-supported wharf, a project gateway and entry plaza, public parking, and a 14-foot-wide Bay Trail spur from Brickyard Cove Road along Dornan Drive.
    (Todd Hallenbeck) [415/352-3612; Todd.hallenbeck@bcdc.ca.gov]
  4. Adjournment

Design Review Board Meeting

Immediately following the joint meeting with the Engineering Criteria Review Board, the Design Review Board will hold a meeting with the following tentative agenda:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Draft Minutes for May 9, 2016 Meeting
  3. Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal (First Pre-Application Review)
    The Design Review Board will review the proposed ferry terminal to be located along Ferry Point Road at the eastern end of the Seaplane Lagoon in the City of Alameda, Alameda County. The project includes a ferry terminal and associated landside improvements, including a waterfront pedestrian promenade, a bike lane, a transit kiosk, and a parking lot. This is the Board’s first pre-application review of the project.
    (Ethan Lavine) [415/352-3618; ethan.lavine@bcdc.ca.gov]
  4. Adjournment

Role of Design Review Board. The Design Review Board serves as an advisory board to the Commission and its staff. The Board was formed to advise the Commission on the adequacy of public access proposed as a part of projects in the Commission’s Bay and 100-foot Shoreline Band jurisdictions. Public access may include both physical improvements as well as visual access. The Board advises the Commission on a project’s effects on appearance, design and scenic views in accordance with the Commission’s San Francisco Bay Plan policies and the Public Access Design Guidelines. The Board’s recommendations are advisory only.

Role of the Engineering Criteria Review Board. The Engineering Criteria Review Board is an advisory board that assists the Commission and its staff in evaluating the safety criteria for Bay fill projects as pursuant to the requirements of the McAteer-Petris Act that fill be constructed in accordance with sound safety standards and to the BCDC Bay Plan policies regarding the safety of fills.  The Board advises the Commission on the adequacy of specific safety provisions and makes recommendations concerning these provisions.  The Board members are professionals in private practice, government service, and academia consisting of structural, coastal, and geotechnical engi­neers, a geologist, a seismologist and an architect, whose expertise also assists applicants in revising safety criteria in relation to Bay fill projects and earthquakes, flooding and other engineering concerns against physical hazards.

Speaker SignUp and Time Limits. If you would like to comment on an item scheduled for a public hearing or speak during the public comment period, please fill out a “Request to Speak” form and give it to a staff member. Each speaker is limited to a maximum of three minutes during the public comment period, and the Chair may set time limits for each speaker at the beginning of a public hearing. You are encouraged to submit written comments of any length and detailed information to the staff. This material will be distributed to the Commission members. Applicants are responsible for presenting their projects at the public hearing.

Questions and Staff Reports. If you have any questions concerning an item on the agenda or would like to receive a staff report related to the item, please contact the staff member whose name and direct phone number are indicated in parentheses at the end of the agenda item.

Access to Meetings. Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special assistance, please contact any staff member prior to the meeting. An interpreter for the deaf will also be made available upon request to the staff at least five days prior to the meeting.

BagleyKeene Open Meeting Act. As a state agency, the Commission is governed by the BagleyKeene Open Meeting Act which requires the Commission to (1) publish an agenda at least ten days in advance of any meeting; (2) describe specifically in that agenda the items to be transacted or discussed; and (3) refuse to add an item subsequent to the published agenda. In addition to these general requirements the BagleyKeene Act includes other specific provisions about how meetings are to be announced and conducted.