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Commission Mailing December 8, 2017

December 21, 2017 Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice

Tentative 2018 Financing the Future Working Group Meeting Schedule

Commission Mailing December 14, 2017

Listing of Pending Administrative Matters

Articles about the Bay and BCDC

Kids’ climate change lawsuit against Trump administration lands in San Francisco court

Ferry ridership shows big increase at Alameda’s Harbor Bay terminal

NY Times on Oracle School, approved last year with Tinya Hoang as analyst
Now on Oracle’s Campus, a $43 Million Public High School

No 'retreat' from rising sea levels for homes in Del Mar

Westpoint Harbor Woes

Moody's: Climate change is forecast to heighten US exposure to economic loss placing short- and long-term credit pressure on US states and local governments

Moody's Warns Cities to Address Climate Risks or Face Downgrades

U.S. Disbands Group That Prepared Cities for Climate Shocks