Supplemental Materials

Commission Mailing December 2, 2016

December 15, 2016 Commission Meeting Notice

Commission Mailing December 9, 2016

Tentative Commission Meeting Schedule for 2017

Commission Consideration of a Contract to Hire a Strategic Plan Facilitator

Listing of Pending Administrative Matters

Staff Report on Outcomes of Workshop on Scoping Implementation of Regional Actions on Addressing Sea Level Rise Approved by the Commission on October 6, 2016

Draft Minutes of December 1, 2016 Commission Meeting

Staff Report and Recommendation on 2015 Annual Report

Articles about the Bay and BCDC

We're ready to fight.' Gov. Jerry Brown unloads on Trump and climate issues

King tides expected to have more impact as sea levels rise

Governor Brown Takes Action to Protect Oceans

Bay Commission fines island owner $772,00 for altering levees

Perils of Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate

A Wrenching Choice for Alaska Towns in the Path of Climate Change

Let’s dam the bay! How daydream got sold as grand solution

Cities and States Lead on Climate Change

Extension sought as Napa River dredging nears Wednesday deadline

Alameda: City wants to reduce spillover parking around Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal