November 6, 2014 Commission Meeting Summary

BCDC Commissioners, Alternates, and Staff:

17 members attended the November 6, 2014 BCDC meeting, which was held at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

The Commission heard from Joe Bodovitz, BCDC’s first Executive Director, who discussed how the Commission was formed and how it overcome some initial challenges, as a BCDC "50th Anniversary History Lesson."

The Commission authorized via a voice vote the Executive Director to enter into a contract with the Local Government Commission so that three Climate Corps members can work with BCDC and the Joint Policy Committee on the resilient shorelines and Adapting to Rising Tides programs. For details contact Joe LaClair (415/352-3656;

The Commission received a briefing by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Port of Oakland on the status of the Middle Harbor Enhancement Project, and will entertain a further review of the project in early 2016. For details contact Brenda Goeden (415/352-3623;

The Commission held a public hearing on a permit application from RWC Harbor Communities, LLC, to construct the "Blu Harbor" residential community in San Mateo County. A Commission vote on the project likely will be held during the upcoming November 20, 2014 Commission meeting. For details contact Erik Buehmann (415/352-3645;

All materials presented during the meeting, and associated materials, can be found on the BCDC website in the Commission Meeting materials section. Attached is the Executive Director's Report presented at today's meeting.

The next regularly scheduled Commission meeting will occur on November 20, 2014, and will be held at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. The preliminary agenda will include:

1) A public hearing on a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service habitat project on San Pablo Bay in Sonoma County;
2) A public hearing, and possible vote, on a proposal for an office park on the Burlingame shoreline in San Mateo County;
3) A vote on the “Blu Harbor” application for a permit that was the subject of a public hearing during the November 6, 2014 Commission meeting; and,
4) A briefing on the proposed Treasure Island development project in the City and County of San Francisco.

Other items may be placed on the agenda.

Please contact Larry Goldzband (415/352-3653; with any questions or concerns.