September 19, 2013 Commission Meeting Summary

Nineteen members attended yesterday's BCDC meeting, which was held at the MetroCenter in Oakland.

The Commission voted 17-0-1 to approve an application for a major permit to build, use, and maintain a 41-unit senior co-housing building, a portion of which would be constructed within the 100-foot shoreline band, and create a new public access area along the Oakland-Alameda Estuary. For details contact Erik Buehmann (415/352-3645;

Commissioner Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor, Commissioner Mark Addiego, South San Francisco City Councilmember, and Len Materman, Executive Director of the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority, presented a briefing on the San Mateo County shoreline that described various activities and projects on the San Mateo waterfront and the respective roles of local governments and the Commission. For details contact Larry Goldzband (415/352-3653;

Lindy Lowe of the Commission staff presented a briefing on the San Francisco Waterfront Working Group’s processes and progress to date. For details contact Lindy Lowe (415/352-3642;

The next regularly scheduled Commission meeting will be held on October 17, 2013 at the MetroCenter in Oakland. The meeting will be a Commission workshop on the Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) project. For details, contact Larry Goldzband (415/352-3653;