June 20, 2013 Commission Meeting Summary

21 members attended the BCDC meeting on Thursday, June 20, which was held at the MetroCenter in Oakland.

The Commission held a public hearing on, and approved on a vote of 20-0, the permit application for the Central Marin Ferry Connection Multi-Use Pathway in the City of Larkspur (Permit Application No. 2011.004.00), applied for by the County of Marin and the Sonoma Marin Rail Transit Authority. 

On a voice vote, the Commission authorized the Executive Director to enter into a two-year contract with Greeninfo Network for mapping and graphic services.

The Commission held a second public hearing on AB 1273 (The Pier 30-32 Revitalization Act), introduced by Assembly Member Ting, that would, among other things, amend and update earlier state legislation for Pier 30-32 on the San Francisco waterfront to set standards for consistency with the public trust doctrine and the Burton Act trust regarding a proposed development by the Golden State Warriors.  The Commission voted (12-6-2) to request that Assembly member Ting place the legislation on a two-year timetable so that no Senate committee acts on the bill during this legislative year and, if that request is not granted, to take an "oppose" position on the bill.

There will be no Commission meeting on July 4th, 2013.  The next Commission meeting will be held on July 18, 2013, at the MetroCenter in Oakland.  The preliminary agenda includes the following items:

  1. Presentation and Discussion: The Commission will hear from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding its progress on providing public access at the salt marsh restoration site in Napa County.
  2. Presentation and Discussion: Commissioners Wagenknecht and Techel will provide the Commission with an overview of the Napa County shoreline.
  3. Presentation and Discussion: Representatives from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Water Quality Board, and Commission staff will present options to extend the Long Term Management Strategy, which helps govern how dredging is conducted in the bay and where dredged materials are relocated.
  4. Briefing: Staff will provide a briefing on the state-wide Golden Guardian emergency preparedness exercise.
  5. Briefing: Staff will provide a briefing on the Overseas Raymar allision with the Bay Bridge.

For details, contact Larry Goldzband (415/352-3653; lgoldzband@bcdc.ca.gov).


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