October 4, 2012 Commission Meeting Summary

BCDC held a regular meeting today in San Francisco.  Eighteen members attended the meeting.  Please feel free to contact me, or any of the staff members listed below, if you have any questions.

The Commission will not meet on October 18, 2012. The next Commission meeting will be held on November 1, 2012, at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  For details, please contact Steve Goldbeck (415/352-3611; steveg@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission authorized the Executive Director to enter into either a contract or an interagency agreement to provide the Commission with strategic planning services.  For details, contact Sharon Louie (415/352-3638; sharonl@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission approved an interagency agreement with the Coastal Conservancy to provide funds to update the Baylands Habitat Goals.  For details, contact Joe LaClair (415/352-3656; joel@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission approved an interagency agreement with the San Francisco Estuary Partnership to accept funds to participate in the Flood Control 2.0 project.  For details, contact Brenda Goeden (415/352-3623; brendag@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission held two informational briefings today.  The first outlined the upcoming San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan planning process, and the second updated the Commission on the ART project ("Adapting to Rising Tides") in Alameda County.

Lawlun Leung has been hired as an Associate Management Analyst/Human Resources Liaison to replace Sharon Louie.  He has over a decade of HR experience and most recently worked at the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Max Delaney left the Commission’s permit section to work with the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association.  BCDC plans to hire Ellie Knecht to replace Max as a permit analyst. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Art History, and holds a Master of Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara.  Ellie has worked for The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Environmental Defense Fund and the California Technology Assessment Forum, and most recently served as a Program Associate at The Trust for Public Land at which she helped deliver a suite of conservation planning services in support of local efforts to balance open space protection with development.

Chloe Angelis, a third year law student at Hastings, has joined the Commission’s legal team as an intern.  Chloe is the editor-in-chief of the West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, and has worked as a law clerk in the Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the California Coastal Commission, Kaiser Permanente, and a private law firm.  Her article on the public trust doctrine and sea level rise will be published in the 2012-2013 issue of the journal.

Marie-Laure Causin has joined the Commission’s sediment management team as an intern.  She has a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering from Lyon University in France and completed an advanced post-graduate course in Maritime Engineering and Coastal Management in Italy.  She has worked for environmental consulting companies in Italy, and was CEO of a small environmental consulting company at which she oversaw coastal studies for dredging projects in France and Italy.

Laura Sasso will be working with the consultants to the Joint Policy Committee (JPC) over the next 10 months as an AmeriCorps Climate Corps staffer.  Her role will be to identify and advance strategies on behalf of the JPC, and she will be working out of BCDC’s offices, which will allow her to better collaborate with BCDC staff on climate adaptation planning and issues.