October 7, 2010 Commission Meeting Summary

23 members attended the meeting, which was held at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

The Commission opened a public hearing on revisions to the San Francisco Bay Plan to address climate change, kept the public hearing open until BCDC’s October 21, 2010 meeting, and expressed its intention to vote on the amendments before the end of 2010. The Commission also requested that in making further comments the public should suggest specific requested amendments to the revisions to the findings and policies recommended by the staff, which is available at http://www.bcdc.ca.gov/proposed_bay_plan/2010-10_1-08bpa3.pdf. For details, contact Joe LaClair (415/352-3656 joel@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission held a public hearing and voted (14-0-0) to approve an assessment of and a strategy for improving BCDC’s coastal management program. For details, contact Wendy Goodfriend (415/352-3646 wendyg@bcdc.ca.gov).

A planned briefing from Dr. Jon Haveman of Beacon Economics on the economic impacts of holding the America’s Cup regatta in San Francisco Bay was postponed until BCDC’s October 21, 2010 meeting. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission received a briefing on the progress being made in implementing BCDC’s strategic plan and revised one of the objectives in the plan. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission unanimously concurred in Chair Randolph’s re-appointment of Anne Halsted to another four-year term as BCDC’s representative on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission concurred that it would be acceptable for BCDC’s executive director to sign a memorandum of understanding with the State of Bahia, Brazil, for the purpose of advancing cooperation in the fields of environmental protection, climate change planning, and sustainable development. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).

Sarah Davidson has joined BCDC’s staff as a legal intern during her fall semester at the University of California, Hastings College of Law. She graduated from NYU, worked as a paralegal for law firms in San Diego and New York, and clerked with the Sonoma County Counsel’s office. For details, contact Mamie Lai (415/352-3639 mamiel@bcdc.ca.gov).

To supplement support from NOAA, BCDC has received a $300,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration to work with MTC and Caltrans on the Adapting to Rising Tides or the ART Project. A kick-off event will be held from 1-4 p.m. on Friday, October 22, 2010 at the MetroCenter in Oakland to inform local decision-makers about the project and gauge their interest in becoming partners in the pilot project to identify sea level rise risks and explore strategies for managing these risks. For additional information, contact Lindy Lowe (415/352-3642 cylinder@bcdc.ca.gov) or see www.risingtides.csc.noaa.gov.

Steve Goldbeck will be serving as acting executive director from October 20 through 23, 2010 while Will Travis is in Washington D.C. Steve can be reached at 415/352-3611 and steveg@bcdc.ca.gov.

The next Commission meeting will be held on October 21, 2010, at the MetroCenter in Oakland. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).