June 17, 2010 Commission Meeting Summary

Twenty members attended the meeting, which was held at the Solano County Board of Supervisors Chambers in Fairfield.

The Commission received briefing on the Suisun Marsh from Steve Chappell, the Executive Director of the Suisun Resource Conservation District. For details, contact Caitlin Sweeney (415/352-3643 caitlins@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission held a public hearing on an application to expand the Potrero Hills Landfill located in the secondary management area of the Suisun Marsh in Solano County. The Commission identified a number of issues that need to be addressed in order to reach a decision on the application. The applicant waived a requirement that the Commission vote within 21 days of the close of the public hearing so the Commission can vote on the application at its next meeting on August 5, 2010. For details, contact Ming Yeung (415/352-3616 mingy@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission received a briefing on the progress being made in implementing BCDC’s strategic plan. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).

Caitlin Sweeney will be resigning as the Commission’s chief deputy director, effective September 1, 2010. She and her family are moving to Costa Rica. For details, contact Mamie Lai (415/352-3639 mamiel@bcdc.ca.gov). 

The Commission concurred in the hiring Tom Sinclair as an enforcement analyst. He graduated from Humboldt State University in 1990 with a bachelor of arts in geography and a bachelor of science in natural resource planning and interpretation. He has worked for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and for the past ten years as an enforcement officer for the California Coastal. For details, contact Mamie Lai (415/352-3639 mamiel@bcdc.ca.gov).

The next Commission meeting will be held on August 5, 2010 at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. For details, contact Will Travis (415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov).