July 17, 2008 Commission Meeting Notice

Port of San Francisco Board Room
Ferry Building, Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

Tentative Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Public Comment Period (Each speaker is limited to three minutes)
    A maximum of 15 minutes is available for the public to address the Commission on any matter on which the Commission either has not held a public hearing or is not scheduled for a public hearing later in the meeting. Speakers will be heard in the order of sign-up, and each speaker is generally limited to a maximum of three minutes. It is ly recommended that public comments be submitted in writing so they can be distributed to all Commission members for review. The Commission may provide more time to each speaker and can extend the public comment period beyond the normal 15-minute maximum if the Commission believes that it is necessary to allow a reasonable opportunity to hear from all members of the public who want to testify. No Commission action can be taken on any matter raised during the public comment period other than to schedule the matter for a future agenda or refer the matter to the staff for investiga¬tion unless the matter is scheduled for action by the Commission later in the meeting.
    (Will Travis) [415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov]
  4. Approval of Minutes of Meeting
    (Mamie Lai) [415/352-3639 mamiel@bcdc.ca.gov]
  5. Report of the Chair
  6. Report of the Executive Director
  7. Commission Consideration of Administrative Matters
    (Bob Batha) [415/352-3612 bobb@bcdc.ca.gov]
  8. Vote on Proposed Amendments to the Commission’s Permit Application Fees
    The Commission will vote on proposed amendments to the Commission’s regulations that govern permit application fees. The public hearing was held on June 19, 2008. The proposed text of the regulations and an initial statement of reasons may be found on the Commission’s website at www.bcdc.ca.gov.
    (Ellen Sampson) [415/352-3610 ellens@bcdc.ca.gov]
  9. Public Hearing and Vote on Marsh Development Permit Application No. 2-08(M), Lodi Gas and Storage, L.L.C., for Natural Gas Monitoring Facilities in the Suisun Marsh, Solano County
    The Commission will hold a public hearing and may vote on an application for a marsh development permit submitted by Lodi Gas and Storage, L.L.C., to convert an abandoned gas well to an observatory well to monitor the location and pressure of stored underground gas in the primary management area of the Suisun Marsh, adjacent to Nurse Slough, approximately 1-1/2 miles west of Shiloh Road, and ¼ mile north of Kirby Hill, in an unincorporated area of Solano County. The project would involve placing fill over 14,375 square feet (0.33 acre) of brackish salt marsh mud flats (0.30 acre) and uplands (0.03 acre) to construct an access road to, and a well pad around, the observatory well. The project would also involve temporarily placing fill over 6,535 square feet (0.15 acre) of brackish salt marsh, mud flats and uplands, to enable large construction equipment to access the site during the approximately two-month construction period. The applicant proposes to mitigate the impacts from constructing the well pad and access road by removing previously placed fill material just north of the project area to restore 0.90 acres to brackish marsh wetlands.
    (Ming Yeung) [415/352-3616 mingy@bcdc.ca.gov]
  10. Briefing on Regional Water Quality Improvement Efforts
    Bruce Wolfe, Executive Officer of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, will brief the Commission on the Regional Board’s current efforts to develop Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), which are action plans to restore clean water for San Francisco Bay and tributary streams. Mr. Wolfe will also discuss other regional water quality improvement efforts such as the Stream and Wetland Systems Protection Policy and the Municipal Regional Permit.
    () [415/352-3656 joel@bcdc.ca.gov]
  11. Consideration of Strategic Plan Status Report
    The Commission will consider a status report on the progress being made in meeting the objectives contained in the strategic plan adopted on November 1, 2007. The Commission will also determine whether any revisions in the plan are necessary and whether to take further action to achieve the plan’s goals and objectives.
    (Will Travis) [415/352-3653 travis@bcdc.ca.gov]
  12. New Business
  13. Old Business
  14. Adjournment
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