May 4, 2006 Commission Meeting Notice

1:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 4, 2006
Port of San Francisco Board Room
Ferry Building
Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 274-0400
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Tentative Agenda

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Public Comment Period (Each speaker is limited to three minutes)
A maximum of 15 minutes is available for the public to address the Commission on any matter on which the Commission either has not held a public hearing or is not scheduled for a public hearing later in the meeting. Speakers will be heard in the order of sign-up, and each speaker is generally limited to a maximum of three minutes. It is ly recommended that public comments be submitted in writing so they can be distributed to all Commission members for review. The Commission may provide more time to each speaker and can extend the public comment period beyond the normal 15-minute maximum if the Commission believes that it is necessary to allow a reasonable opportunity to hear from all members of the public who want to testify. No Commission action can be taken on any matter raised during the public comment period other than to schedule the matter for a future agenda or refer the matter to the staff for investigation unless the matter is scheduled for action by the Commission later in the meeting.
(Will Travis) [415/352-3653]

4. Approval of Minutes of February 16, 2006 Meeting
(Mamie Lai) [415/352-3639]

5. Report of the Chair

6. Report of the Executive Director

7. Commission Consideration of Administrative Matters
(Steve McAdam) [415/352-3614]

8. Briefing on BCDC's Design Review Board
John Kriken, an internationally known urban designer and the Chair of BCDC's Design Review Board, will brief the Commission on the role and function of its Design Review Board.
(Brad McCrea) [415/352-3615]

9. Public Hearing and Vote on Whether to Amend the San Francisco Bay Plan and the San Francisco Bay Area Seaport Plan by Deleting a Portion of the Oakland Port Priority Use Area East of Interstate 880 in Oakland
[ Download Report in PDF ]
[ Download Fig 1: Proposed Deletion in PDF ]
[ Download Fig 1: Area Deleted in PDF ]
The Commission will consider an application from BUILD West Oakland, LLC and Central Station Land, LLC to delete the port priority use area designation from the San Francisco Bay Plan and the San Francisco Bay Area Seaport Plan maps that apply to property owned by the applicants in Oakland east of Interstate 880 in the vicinity of West Grand Avenue. The property, which is about 4,000 feet inland of the shoreline, is bounded by West Grand Avenue on the north, Wood Street on the east, 17th Street extended to Interstate 880 on the south and Interstate 880 on the west. The property is part of an approximately 22-acre area designated in 2001 by the Commission as a port priority use area for trucking and port ancillary uses to serve the Port of Oakland. The proposed port priority use area deletion would leave approximately 17 acres of the area designated as port priority use for trucking and port ancillary uses.
(Jeff Blanchfield) [415/352-3654]

10. Public Hearing and Vote to Initiate a Possible Amendment of the San Francisco Bay Plan Recreation Findings and Policies, the Bay Plan Map Notes, Policies and Suggestions and Resolution 16
[ Download Report in PDF ]
As part of the Commission's program to update the San Francisco Bay Plan, the Commission will hold a public hearing and may vote to initiate the process of reviewing and possibly amending the Bay Plan recreation findings and policies, the Bay Plan Map notes, policies and suggestions regarding recreation, and Resolution 16, to revise the boundaries of waterfront park priority use areas. If the Commission approves considering such amendments, a public hearing will be scheduled on the proposed changes, and the public will be notified of the hearing and the staff will publish a report describing the specific proposed changes at least 30 days prior to the hearing.
(Joe LaClair) [415/352-3656]

11. Public Hearing and Vote on Revised Guidelines For Access To Public Records
The Commission will hold a public hearing and may vote to revise BCDC's guidelines for access to public records. The revised guidelines will bring the existing guidelines up-to-date and comply with one of the requirements of the Governor's Executive Order No. S-03-06.
(Jonathan Smith) [415/352-3655]

12. Consideration of Strategic Plan Status Report
The Commission will consider a status report on the progress being made in meeting the objectives contained in the strategic plan adopted on October 20, 2005. The Commission will also determine whether any revisions in the plan are necessary and whether to take further action to achieve the plan's goals and objectives.
(Will Travis) [415/352-3653]

13. New Business

14. Old Business

15. Adjournment

Speaker Sign-Up and Time Limits If you would like to comment on an item scheduled for a public hearing or speak during the public comment period, please fill out a "Request to Speak" form and give it to a staff member. Each speaker is limited to a maximum of three minutes during the public comment period, and the Chair may set time limits for each speaker at the beginning of a public hearing. You are encouraged to submit written comments of any length and detailed information to the staff. This material will be distributed to the Commission members. Applicants are responsible for presenting their projects at the public hearing.

Questions and Staff Reports If you have any questions concerning an item on the agenda or would like to receive a staff report related to the item, please contact the staff member whose name and direct phone number are indicated in parenthesis at the end of the agenda item.

Campaign Contributions State law requires Commissioners to disqualify themselves from voting on any matter if they have received a campaign contribution from an interested party. If you intend to speak on any hearing item, please indicate on the "Request to Speak" form or in your testimony if you have made campaign contributions in excess of $250 to any Commissioner within the last year, and if so, to which Commissioner(s) you have contributed. Other legal requirements govern contributions by applicants and other interested parties and establish criteria for Commissioner conflicts of interest. Please consult with the staff counsel if you have any questions about the rules that pertain to campaign contributions or conflicts of interest.

Access to Meetings Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special assistance, please contact any staff member prior to the meeting. An interpreter for the deaf will also be made available upon request to the staff at least five days prior to the meeting.

Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act As a state agency, the Commission is governed by the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act which requires the Commission to (1) publish an agenda at least ten days in advance of any meeting; (2) describe specifically in that agenda the items to be transacted or discussed; and (3) refuse to add an item subsequent to the published agenda. In addition to these general requirements the Bagley-Keene Act includes other specific provisions about how meetings are to be announced and conducted.