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About the bay and BCDC
Access to public records
Activities requiring permit approval
Administrative permit
Annual report
Applying for a permit
Application forms, instructions and fees
Application permit assistance

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Benicia Waterfront special area plan
Bill of Rights

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Climate change
Commission meeting schedule
Coastal management program assessment and strategy
Commission members

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Desalination and San Francisco Bay (2004) [adobe 1MB}
Design Review Board meeting schedule
Design Review Board

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Engineering Criteria Review Board

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FAQs about Permits
FAQs about coastal program analyst classification

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Independent review panel for Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc. expansion

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Major permit
McAteer-Petris Act
Mitigation [Pdf .5MB]

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Partner agencies and other public interest groups
Potrero Hills Landfill proposed mitigation, monitoring and adaptive management plan
Processing permit applications
Public access design guidelines (2005) [adobe 5.78MB]
Public access and wildlife compatibility (2001) [adobe 5.62MB]

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Regional Airport System Planning Analysis
Regional Airport Planning committee meeting schedule
Regionwide permit
Richardson Bay Special Area Plan [adobe 7MB]

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Salt ponds (2005) [adobe 1.25MB]
San Francisco Bay plan [ Pdf 5.94 MB adobe]
San Francisco Bay Area Seaport Plan
San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan [adobe 2.4MB]
Sea level rise maps
Seaport plan waterborne bulk cargo forecast update (2002) [adobe 1.5MB]
Suisun Marsh Protection Local Program
Staff roster
Status report on the commission's strategic plan [adobe image ,134 ]
Subtidal Habitat Goals Project
Suisun Marsh Protection Act of 1977
Suisun Marsh Protection Plan

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The continuing battle to save San Francisco Bay
The filing of San Francisco Bay
The San Francisco Bay Estuary
Transportation and the San Francisco Bay (2005) [adobe1.5MB]
Types of permit

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Water quality protection and nonpoint source pollution control in San Francisco Bay (2003) [adobe1MB]
Water trail

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